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What is Ministry Training Institute?

Ministry Training Institute™ is a college level course that places equal weight on the course curriculum and the hands-on practicums. The training course: The Ambassador Series consists of 72 teaching modules, 72 exams, 36 ministry skill practicums. Homework consists of  7 marketplace assignments and weekly reading assignments.


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Doctrinally Sound.

Each of the 72 lessons is built from clearly defined biblical principles and lightly supplemented with applicable stories from the instructor’s life experience.

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Practical Experience.

Each student will gain confidence by practicing each of the seven ministry skills in a safe, grace-filled atmosphere, where learning (not perfection) is emphasized.

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Theologically Vetted.

The curriculum and practicum have been endorsed by evangelical Th.D’s and charismatic PhD’s at George Fox University and Life Pacific College.

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Spirit Empowered.

Each lesson and practicum is designed to ensure that every student has an opportunity to participate with the Holy Spirit in supernatural ministry.

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Independent, Foursquare, Assemblies of God, Free Methodists, Nazarenes, Church of God, and Baptists have used this training to equip and release pastors and leaders in their churches.

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Cross Cultural.

Tens of thousands of churches in 44 countries, on five continents, are using the curriculum to train marketplace ministers, church leaders, and church planters. The curriculum is currently translated into four languages, with another 11 languages in progress.

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Proven Results.

In the last 20 years, 89,000+  local churches and worship centers can directly track an increase of disciples, leaders, validated miracles, and new converts. It’s a proven strategy to empower people to accomplish the Great Commission.

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Pastor Endorsed.

Pastors, professors, and denominational leaders like Dr. Jack Hayford, Dr. Glenn Buris, Dr. Sterling Brackett, Tammy Dunahoo, Dr. John Amstutz, Dr. Larry Shelton, Cal Rychener, Ken Johnson, Steve Mickel, Jason Albelo, and Harriet Mouer all endorse Ministry Training Institute.

Sonja Decker is a teacher, missionary, and an evangelist ordained by the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel. Together with her husband John, she co-founded Christ’s Ambassadors International in 1981 and has launched Ministry Training Centers and Institutes in 22 States, and 44 countries.

Area Missionary, Paul Otremba oversees Latin America for the Foursquare Church. He directly oversees 18 countries, 17,800 local churches, and 3.9 million members. Here is how he is using MTI in Central and South America.


How does it work?

Ministry Training Institute™ is designed to function in a 36-week classroom setting. Each weekly meeting is designed to function in a 3 hour session, with two hours for theological instruction, and one hour for hands-on practice in the practicum. Students should expect 2 hours of homework each week to complete the reading for the coming class, as well as completing the current marketplace assignment.

Student ministers will learn how to blend theology with practical application that will result in confidence in doing a series of ministry skills:

1. Leading people to Christ. Students practice sharing their marketplace testimony in a practicum setting.

2. Leading Christians into the Holy Spirit Baptism. This includes an explanation of the 30 gifts of the Spirit, including the release of speaking in tongues.

3. Learning to pray for the sick. This is accomplished by praying for the sick using scriptures that promise healing.

4. Hearing from God. Students gain confidence in identifying the voice of the Holy Spirit speaking by practicing hearing and obeying in a safe, grace filled, group environment.

5. Healing the sick by revelation. Students grow by exercising the gifts of discernment, prophecy, and words of knowledge, and the voice of the Holy Spirit to pray for those in need of healing or deliverance.

6. Dealing with demons. Students exercise their authority in Christ to confront demonic spirits and cast them out.

7. Preaching the full Gospel. Each student will deliver a five to seven minute sermon in the context of their practicum group.


What are the students saying?


About the Authors


John and Sonja Decker are teachers and missionary evangelists ordained by the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel. They founded Christ’s Ambassadors International in 1981 and launched Ministry Training Centers in 1996. They both hold degrees in Business Administration and attended Regent College Seminary, Vancouver, B,C. They have ministered in the USA, Canada, Latin America, Asia, Africa, and Europe. They are establishing Ministry Training Institutes in many locations around the globe. They assist pastors and leaders in teaching disciples to function in a set of marketplace ministry skills in fulfillment of the Great Commission. 

Dr Amstutz
Dr. John L. Amstutz is an instructor and the founder of Central Valley School of Ministry in Fresno, California.  He is an educational advisor for The Foursquare Church and a consultant for Foursquare missions.  He has served as a missionary, pastor, professor and leadership trainer for Foursquare churches in the U.S. and overseas.  He is the author of the missions text, Disciples of All Nations, and the discipleship text, Making and Multiplying Disciples, as well as numerous missions articles which have appeared in Foursquare Missions Advance, Emphasis, Pneuma and the Journal of Frontier Missiology.  John received his B.A. from Pasadena College (now Point Loma University) and an M.Div., Th.M., and D. Min. from Fuller Theological Seminary.  He is married to Dorene and has four married children, ten grandchildren and one great grandchild.

Doing What Jesus Did Seminars

Ministry Skill 1: Leading People to Christ

Each believer in the group prepares a five to six minute testimony on how he or she came to believe and accept Christ into his or her life. The skill is complete when the person giving their testimony invites another person in the group to pray the prayer of repentance and acceptance of Jesus Christ.

Ministry Skill #2: Leading Christians into the Baptism of Holy Spirit

Each believer participates in a role-play where he or she interacts with another person who is seeking more confidence to be an effective witness for the Lord. The skill is complete when the seeker is led into the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Ministry Skill #3: Learning to Heal the Sick

Each believer prepares to minister healing to anyone within the group that may be sick or in pain. Each believer is instructed how to give a short witness as to what the Bible says and what he or she personally believes about divine healing, just prior to praying for the sick.

Ministry Skill #4: Hearing from God

Each believer is encouraged to join with others in the group and pray over individuals who are seeking direction and confirmation from God on personal issues. When the Holy Spirit begins to reveal things about the person, they are recorded and discussed with the individual.

Ministry Skill #5: Healing the Sick by Revelation

Each believer is given the opportunity to hear from God regarding the root cause of an illness or pain in a person in his or her group. Participants are taught how to rely on the revelation gifts as they minister to the person needing healing.

Ministry Skill #6: Dealing with Demons

Each believer participates with a team, praying for people suspected of being oppressed or adversely harassed by spirits. Each believer is given the opportunity to hear from the Holy Spirit to discern if the person is in fact dealing with demons. If demonic activity is discerned, the believer is trained how to handle it Biblically, effectively, and quickly.


Train the Trainer Intensive


We offer pastors of established churches a turn-key, 72-lesson, 36-week discipleship course. This discipleship course is designed to equip believers for one-on-one ministry to anyone needing scriptural instruction, systematic teaching, prayer, and/or healing.  This discipleship course is for pastors desiring to establish a Ministry Training Institute™ in the USA or in other nations.

Ministry Skill Training 

We Train-the-Trainers how to conduct the hands-­on practicum sessions that teach disciples how to function in a series of personal ministry skills: leading people to Christ, into the Holy Spirit baptism, healing the sick, hearing from God, healing the sick by revelation, and dealing with demons.

How to Conduct an Institute 

We Train-the-Trainers how to create, launch, and conduct a 36-­week Ministry Training Institute.  This teacher training equips and qualifies pastors and staff teachers to acquire and teach The Ambassador Series curriculum and the accompanying teacher resources.

Administrative Duties 

We Train-the-Trainers how to properly plan, prepare, and launch a successful Ministry Training Institute in their churches. All the forms, schedules, testing procedures, teacher qualifications and graduation requirements are included in this training.

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